Miss D.C. Rocked Her Natural Hair After Being Advised Not To in the Miss America Pageant


Miss District of Columbia, Cierra Jackson, in the Miss America pageant was urged to wear anything but her natural hair in this competition. Some thought that straightening her hair would increase her chances of winning the competition but Jackson had other plans. Instead of falling into mainstream media’s perception of beauty she proudly represented her beauty. Miss D.C. proudly rocked her natural kinky, curly hair and won the swimsuit portion of the competition.

In an interview with Ledger-Enquirer Jackson stated, “I’ve had so many people tell me that I shouldn’t wear my hair naturally curly hair on stage, but there is a purpose behind that vision…It’s to show people that you can still be successful, you can still be amazingly talented and still reach all of your goals. I think that’s a universal message that anyone can grab on to and hold on to in their lives… I’ve been so blessed that the Miss District of Columbia Board has been so open to allowing me to express myself in that way and embraced me choosing to present myself in an authentic way… I know that it happened this way because God destined it to be this way.”


Some say she would have made it further in the competition had she straighten her hair but it so much bigger than straight hair. When you’re natural typically you are judged before you can even open your mouth. Miss D.C. made a big, bold statement and opened the door for other natural beauties who aspire to be Miss America one day.


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