Maxine Waters’ Goal: “We’re not going to live with this man for four years”


Her sassy and slick no non-sense attitude has everyone talking but in all honesty she’s just being straight forward and honest and we are loving every minute of it. Some of us are learning about California Congresswoman Maxine Waters for the first time but Waters has always been outspoken. “A lot of people are thinking this is something new for me. Actually, it’s not; I was very well-known for being outspoken on the hot button issues.”

She has been open about how she feels about Trump. Following the election Waters and other Democrats attended a classified briefing with FBI Director James Comey on Russian hacking. Following the briefing Waters spoke with news reporters this is how it went:


This meeting solidified Waters feelings for the President. She and many other Democrats are working hard on enforcing political protocol that Trump feels doesn’t apply to him. The start of his presidency has been more than rocky and frustrating for many. “This is not normal, none of us have ever seen anything like this,” Waters said. “We feel that he doesn’t have respect for protocol or government.”


Although some of us may be learning about Maxine Waters for the first time, many are already asking her to throw her het in the ring in 4 years. Her passion screams at you and paints a picture of a respectable and passionate president but Waters is not interested. Her main concern is getting Trump out of office. “We’re not going to live with this man for four years.”

“The first thing that we’ve really got to really commit to is that we’re not going to live with this man for four more years,” Waters said. “Impeachment is my goal. Secondly, we’ve got to understand that midterm elections are extremely important. We’ve got to get people registered to vote, turning out to vote.”


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