Let’s just be frank, most of us black folks are excited about finally having a black superhero and a predominately black cast in the movie Black Panther. I mean how often do we get to be the good guy in the movie? The melanin dripping from this movie is great.

So the reaction from the Black Panther trailer release has us ready to pre-order our tickets a year in advance. Let’s not forgot the poster for Black Panther which is reminiscent of a picture Huey P. in the 60’s. And some celebrities were all over it!

One Marvel fan posted that never Marvel would never associate with Huey P. because the black panthers were a hate group. While other haters say it was a coincidence. I’m over the “black panthers were a hate conversation” so I’ll digress on that comment. I don’t know if it was deliberate or not, it’s dope. So coincidence or not, we love it!