MARRIED SINCE 1948: When Mary Told Her Father She Would Marry Jake (A Trinidadian Man) Her Father Kicked Her Out!


“He asked me to marry him, quite out of the blue, when I was only 19. My father threw me out, and I left with only one small suitcase to my name. No family came to our register office wedding in 1948.”

Mary and Jake fell for each other during the war when he came to the UK from Trinidad with the American Army, when he came back years later for work he asked Mary for her hand.

The pair were in love and battled through tough times. First with Mary being kicked out of her home, losing contact with family, having trouble with finding a place to live and society not accepting them.

But they fought through a stillborn birth, years of racism and harship to flourish and have a long fulfilling relationship.

At the time of this beautiful image they had been married for 63 years. If they are both still alive it will now be 68 years!


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