Man Who Filmed Eric Garner’s Death, Ramsey Orta Files $10 Million Lawsuit Against NYPD


The lifestyle of Ramsey Orta has drastically changed for the worst after filming Eric Garner’s death in July 2014.

Ramsey who is just twenty-six years has filed a ten million dollars lawsuit against the New York City.

He also claimed under the case that false arrest and accusation came his way in 2015 for acting an important role during the filming.

NYPD detained Ramsey for drug possession and later released after a seven-day experience in custody. Ramsey maintained that the New York City operated an infomercial to accuse him of carrying out a criminal offense because of the Eric Garner’s death film.

Orta’s lawyer, Andrew Plasse maintained that the storieskeep on piling up one after another. Andrew, Orta’s lawyer continues by saying his client was accused wrongly for acting a film that displays the culture of violence that is approved in the NYPD.

As Ramsey appeared in several courtrooms, his fans have rallied to defend the actor. Orta’s fans believe that the NYPD only used him as an example of their indignation. Orta has continued to encounter several arrests for after Garner dies.


If Orta is found guilty in these arrests, then he will spend a lot of time serving the punishment of his crime.


Ramsey Orta


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