The 23 year-old man who assaulted a female security guard in Chicago has turned himself in. Matthew De Leon faces three felony counts of aggravated battery.

De Leon can be seen on camera punching a female security guard in the face. He says he was drunk and is very remorseful for punching 46-year-old Zoa Stigler. When he turned himself in he was accompanied by Dawn Valenti, a community activist, for moral support. Valenti said she does not condone what De Leon did.

“He made a very wrong decision under the influence of alcohol. I really can’t express how sorry he is,” said Dawn Valenti. “He’s so remorseful. He’s very remorseful. I mean, when I got out of the car, as he approached me, his body language told me how remorseful, how sorry he was. He knew he had did something he shouldn’t have done.”


Stigler said she does forgive him because as a Christian it’s the right thing to do but doesn’t believe he’s remorseful. “He hit me, and he walked away confidently,” Stigler says.

In reality it seems like he is remorseful because he got caught. This is why it’s hard to believe his actions were out of the norm for him. Look at how his friends reacted. None of them seemed alarmed or shocked by his actions. They all just casually walked off.

According to CBS Chicago News, Stigler noted the man’s companions, who seemed sober, showed little reaction to his violent act.

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