Many around the world, especially the Hip-Hop community, have long worn apparel inspired by the legacy of cultural leader and human rights activist, Malcolm X. The long-awaited first ever and official online retail store for Malcolm X merchandise and curated lifestyle products will launch on Black Friday [November 27], during what would have been his 90th birthday year and the fiftieth anniversary of his assassination.

The visually stunning clothing collection featured on was created by X Legacy LLC, the family organization of Malcolm X Shabazz, in association with The NorthStar Group and Cap That. The store features an initial capsule collection of t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and tops, a handpicked selection curated by Malcolm X’s family.

“For over half a century, we have been moved by the many at home and global citizens whom have been inspired by our Father’s steadfast devotion, intellect, principles and his commitment to assure a shared equity of human rights as a balanced asset for all people,” says eldest daughter, Ambassador Attallah Shabazz. “My family and I look forward to sharing Malcolm as Malcolm via select products—and invite you to be a part of our extended family as well.”


Those in search of an authentic connection to Malcolm X will especially be enamored by the personal touch of the available items, in addition to contributing to the business owned directly by his family. Malcolm’s exclusive literary platform will also be available for purchase soon, comprised of his famous literature, speeches, memoirs and works.

“Malcolm X was a legendary teacher and leader who inspired many and has become a beloved brand for justice, courage and integrity,” says L. Londell McMillan, Esq, representative of the Malcolm X family and owner of The Source. “The Malcolm X Store is a new extension of the Malcolm X branded experience authorized by the family. This online store is an important step in connecting with Malcolm X’s most loyal supporters, offering them a direct way to acquire approved merchandise inspired by the Malcolm X brand and what it represents.”


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  1. Too bad this won’t lead to any literary consciousness and debate on how to move forward as a people. SMH, the hip hop community, what a joke. They’re the most ignorant of all. Wearing apparel and shouting out a person’s name in a song doesn’t make you conscious, or give you the ability and know how on how to advance your people.

    • Nor does belittling them. Your comment is complete hypocrisy. You should refrain from speaking on ignorance brother until you have shed your own

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