I absolutely love this movement and I love this story! I am biasedly (is that a word?) passionate about their achievements and I feel pride right now seeing where the #BlackGirlsCode movement is headed.

The movement has been steadily growing and since it’s emergence in 2011 (created by Kimberly Bryant) they have been hurtling towards their goal to have 1 million black girls coding by 2040.

Now they have had a bump negotiating and making a deal to take a space in Google’s New York headquarters, a cute space worth $2.8 million.

More than a fancy pad, this space will put them up close and personal with some of the world’s best programmers and give them access to the top of the tech industry.

BlackGirlsCodeGoogleGoogle gifted them this space, that means Google probably will be eyeing up some of the talent and looking to recruit when the time is right!



Google’s head of external affairs William Floyd said of the office creation “We need a tech sector that looks like the society it serves, and groups like Black Girls Code are ensuring that we can cultivate and access talent in communities of colour.”

Google’s last diversity report said that only 19% of it’s world workers are women and in the US ony 1% of it’s tech staff are black.

That shows a clear need for this movement.

They are doing amazing things!

Read more: https://www.siliconrepublic.com/careers/black-girls-code-google-office


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