In United States, food is consumed 2-4 times a day on average. Thus, it is proven that food business is an all time profitable investment for those that are able to pull it off.

To make it more specific, grocery store is a best idea to invest in. but unfortunately are very difficult to run successfully. And the  black community in America has been deprived of having access to feeding their people

Almost 99% of all the grocery stores are owned by non black people.

There are only five major grocery stores left in the entire America that are owned by black people….we are aware of at the moment of this writing. If you know of more, please take a moment to bring us up to day so we can edit the list.

The 5 Black Owned Grocery Stores in America

  1. Apples and oranges fresh market, Baltimore, MD
  2. Calhoun food grocery, Montgomery, AL
  3. Leon’s Thriftway in Kansas City, MO
  4. Circle Foods in New Orleans
  5. Giant Eagle in East Hills, Pittsburgh, PA


Black owned grocery stores have almost vanished from the country. The reason behind is the tough competition in the market. The fierce competition and the giant stores in the market have grabbed all the customers forcing these stores to shut them down. Many of the consumers in these big stores are black but are unable to make any profit from it.

Many African American are looking to resolve this issue and trying their best to enter in this market. Many famous personalities have also tried their luck for changing this image but unfortunately could not. So let’s make an effort and support the black community.


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Black Owned Grocery Stores