Last Year Only 57% Graduated THIS YEAR EVERY STUDENT Has Applied For College at Predominately Black School!


Last academic year Ballou High School saw only 57% of it’s students graduating, however after a huge turn around this year every single senior has applied to goto college with one already receiving 11 acceptance letters!

The seniors collectively decided they all wanted to goto college/

Located in one of Washington, D.C.’s poorest neighborhoods the predominately black school has a poor education but the school has been working hard to change that and clearly something is working!

principal Yetunde Reeves told the Washington Post:

“There are some schools and communities where college is an automatic next step. There is no celebration,” Reeves said. “Our kids don’t get that same message. We are trying to create an environment where going to college is what Ballou does as well.”

Learn more in the WP video report below:

This story says so much about what positivity and forward thinking can do to turn things around. This class should be an inspiration to us all.


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