Amid the anti-smoking laws in public places, there seems to be a beacon of light for the regular cigar smoker to puff away.

There’s always Signature Cigar Bar & Lounge aka “The Black Cheers”, which is located in the heart of Miami and is constantly providing a safe haven for those who want to have a good time.

Being the largest black-owned cigar bar & lounge across the nation, Signature Cigar Bar & Lounge is headlining due its subtle, simple, yet energizing atmosphere that it creates for its patrons.

With a fusion of great music, tantalizing food, the finest spirits in town, and a well-bred cigar in hand, Signature Cigar Bar & Lounge is one of the few places where intermingling is deemed as a necessity.

The place can easily transport you to a whole new comfort corner in your mind where everyone near you is inviting and extremely friendly to say the least.

The ambiance is bright and comfortable, both at the same time, and the mix of contemporary and modern art makes for a very stimulating environment to just chill and take some time off the bustling streets of Miami Garden.

The owner Marcus Thomas is very eager to elevate the experience for everyone who enters the place.

He, like a very few other black business owners, has faced a lot of discrimination within the industry.

But, this didn’t stop Marcus from fueling a flame in the darkness. The vision he had for this place is one where everyone who enters is treated with respect. He does this for the community and he encourages a lovely and free environment for anyone who wants to have a good time.


Thus, we have Signature Cigar Bar & Lounge.

With more than 100 different types of premium cigars to choose from and around 60 spirits on the shelf, Signature Cigar Bar Lounge is raising the bar for every cigar bar out there.

Marcus has created a peaceful place for all under the roof. And, for anyone out there who does miss a fine spirit and premium cigars, and if you’re in Miami, do check this place out. It will be an experience of a lifetime.





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