Did You Know The U.S. Government Block Minister Farrakhan From Receiving $1 Billion From Qaddafi

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In 1996, the Clinton Administration officials rejected an application from the Nation of Islam and its leader, Louis Farrakhan, to be allowed to accept a donation of more than $1 billion from Col. Muammar el­Qaddafi of Libya.

A number of people affiliated with the Nation of Islam said they believed they would have a strong case that a rejection would be an unconstitutional infringement on religious freedom.
Colonel Qaddafi pledged $1 billion to the Nation of Islam after meeting with Mr. Farrakhan in Libya in January of 1996. Minister Farrakhan wanted to take the money to help drive economics in the black community. 

However, The United States, which has long labeled the Qaddafi Government a supporter of terrorism, bars nearly all economic ties with Libya. Considering that Qaddafi was an CIA agent that was put in power by the United States, it seems strange as to why they would label him a terrorist. However, the label started surfacing when he started embracing his African roots and would no longer be a puppet to the Clinton Administration.

Imagine the good that Minister Farrakhan could have done with $1 billion dollars to invest in the black community. Well, even though this didn’t happen, its good to know that their are people outside of the United States that care for black people. To know avail, in order for us to progress, we must save ourselves. Remember, the oppressor can’t teach the oppressed how to beat oppression.

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