Did You Know: Stepin Fetchit’s Controversial Roles Made Him the First Black Millionaire Actor?


Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry made it big as Stepin Fetchit. The African-American actor was one of the few black faces in the American Television. He portrayed himself as a lazy, humorous guy and was later tagged as the “Laziest guy in the world”.

This portrayal attracted many controversies, as many black Americans did not take it well. Still, Stepin Fetchit was able to overcome such controversies and successfully acted in many films and television.

He was one of the very few black actors who could hold his own in the white dominated industry. He continued his good run through the end 1920’s and in the mid 1930’s with the films like In Old Kentucky (1927), Hearts In Dixie (1929) and David Harum (1934).

Stepin Fetchit became First African American actor millionaire due to that successful run. He also soon lost this position and even declared bankrupt in the 1947 because of his own mismanagement of money, he was included in the “Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame” regarding his contributions in Films.

This NAACP awarded evolutionary black actor died in 1985 at the age of 83 due to a heart failure.



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