Did You Know Cosby, Magic, Jordan, Oprah Financed The Malcolm X Movie


Many people in our community like to dog out black celebrities. Although Bill Cosby contributions to the black community are well documented, people are wishing death upon him due to recent allegations dealing with sexual assault. Magic Johnson has invested $10 million dollars in jobs for kids in Chicago, but he is most known for contracting AIDS. Jordan has been ridiculed for the prices of his shoes and Oprah open schools in Africa, not the black communities in the U.S.

But here is a fact you didn’t know. Warner Brothers refused to give Spike Lee funding to finish the Malcolm X film. They told him to get the money on his own. Although he was prideful, he had no choice other than to reach out to black celebrities with money. He thought all of them would say no. But surprise surprise, they came through for him because they understood the importance of telling the story of Malcolm X.


SPIKE LEE vs WARNER BROS – The Battle For 'Malcolm X': Spike Lee discusses the attempt that Warner Brothers made to SABOTAGE his ‘Malcolm X’ movie-S〽

Posted by Real Grown Folks on Tuesday, February 23, 2016


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