DID YOU KNOW? This African Country Has More Pyramids Than Egypt But No Tourists!


Everyone knows about the Pyramids of Giza, the great pyramid, unarguably one of the ancient wonders of the world and when you see it, you know just why! It’s epic on every scale and the fact that humans did that is awe inspiring.

Egypt isn’t just the great pyramid though, it boasts around 120 known pyramids in varying sizes and conditions. There are so many pyramids in Egypt that many are left with no tourists and in the middle of nowhere. You can literally drive through the desert and find a site more or less to yourself, free to clamber around and do what you want.

However, just to the South lies Sudan, Sudan boasts over 250 pyramids, well over double of that in Egypt yet these are little known and welcome almost no tourists!

Unfortunately Sudan has had many troubles including civil war and a lot of countries advise their citizens not to visit.

But if you was to visit you could goto places such as El-Kurru, one of the regal cemeteries of the Nuban royal family, dating back to 315 BC. Or Sudan’s Pyramids of Meroe which contain 177 pyramids, or the region of Nuri where you’ll find another 73 pyramids, including the tomb of King Taharqa.

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cmichel67/32859683255

You’ll find hieroglyphs, ancient temples and more set against the stunning surreal desert.


Sadly only the most adventurous make their way to these sites these days. I dream that one day Sudan can capitalize on the amazing past they have within their borders.

Watch below to see and learn a little more about these amazing pyramids:


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2 thoughts on “DID YOU KNOW? This African Country Has More Pyramids Than Egypt But No Tourists!”

  1. Interesting. I look forward to the time when Black people will seek out and learn their history and pass it on to their children to raise self esteem and to root them back to the fact that our history is greater and older, and more authentic than what is now taught in schools as western history.

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