The Klu Klux Klan has Officially Endorsed Our Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald J. Trump

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In the KKK newspaper, the crusader (the premier voice of the white resistance), they have officially endorsed Donald Trump. The headline to the endorsement reads, “Make America Great Again.” The article seems to be about white people not liking the new face of America, diversity.

One passage reads:

“The desire to make America great again touches at the very heart of Americans who are having a harder and harder time identifying with this new American image. A recent Reuters News poll says that 58% of Americans feel they no longer identify with this ‘new’ America. And 53% say they feel like a stranger in their own country. And while they feel like strangers the reality is that it is strangers which have invaded our land and now dictate to us policy loathsome and vile to witness this deplorable change which has taken place, it becomes even more alarming when we see this ‘life style’ being impose on our tiny children.”

Will Trump reject the KKK’s endorsement?

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