Jay Z To Replace Donald Trump As The Head of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ This Year


Donald Trump’s media empire continues to crumble following his idiotic comments about Mexican immigrants into the United States. The 2016 Republican Presidential candidate said Mexicans are drug runners and rapist in his announcement speech last month.

Bad news for Trump, seems to be great news for Jay Z. The popular black website Media TakeOut is reporting Jigga will take on the lead role in ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ coming up this year. As of now, MTO is the only outlet reporting this news, but we will be following the story and developments.

BEYANDJAYRecently, NBC and Univision removed all ties to Donald Trump by voiding their contracts to air his Miss America pageant and ‘The Apprentice’. However, the show ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ is actually owned and contracted through another company, so NBC will continue to air this show…without Trump. Enter…Jay Z.


From MTO:

MTO explained, “Jay has been trying to show his business side to the public, this is the PERFECT opportunity.”

We’re told that the new show will have a TON of Tidal crossover promotion, and maybe even BEYONCE. The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, “[Jay] and Beyonce are a real business team, it’s not for show. So I wouldn’t be surprised if she came on the show to give her opinion too.”

There is no doubt Jay Z is a supreme business man to anyone who has been paying attention to his successful rise as a music mogul and entrepreneur. However, this will be a great opportunity for him to showcase his business accumen in front of a larger, wider audience that should lend even more credibility to his already blossoming empire.

The decision, if true, to add Tidal crossover promotions is a genius move and one that should benefit the future of that company tremendously.

SOUND OFF: What do you think of the decision to oust Donald Trump and add Jay Z to ‘Celebrity Apprentice’?


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