The time has come in the Black community to stop entertaining and engaging everyone else. The time has come for us to stop seeking the acceptance, approval, and affection of people who don’t give a damn about us, our situation, nor our future.

The time has come to focus on us.

Being a part of Urban Intellectuals over the years has put me in a unique situation to sit behind the scenes at the corner of the Black community and the Internet, as I like to say. Reading the thoughts of our people, getting hate filled inboxes from racist people who say they want to understand, and much, much more has led me to this conclusion.

It’s time to stop engaging them all together and focus on us.


If you study the history of our people in the Americas for the past 500 years, you will find only one thing that we haven’t tried. We haven’t tried to just focus on us without worrying about the acceptance, approval and affection of White people.

No White people, i’m not saying I hate you, nor that those of you who are genuine shouldn’t try to help, but do it from a distance. You will not be consulted, asked your opinion, given leadership positions in our movements or even considered.

It is time for us to worry about and work with us.

We are a highly capable people who has brought civilization, science, mathematics, language, architecture, agriculture and more to the world. We have the ability to solve our own problems if we would just shut the door, listen to and focus on us.

We are all we need to pull ourselves out of the situation. However, we have to do it together, without listening to or engaging a people who have their own best interest in mind.

Hopefully, there are a few million of us out there ready to make such strides. I know it can be difficult to throw the mental shackles of thinking we need the appreciation, approval and affection of White people in order to be successful, but we don’t. We have the ability to define our own success and the talent to make them happen….if we are willing to work together.

It’s time to stop playing these games of “oh please, accept us and what we are doing” and get busy working with and for our own community.

Are you with me?