Irony: During Black History Month a Teacher Tells Students She Doen’t Like Black People


What do you do when your comes home from school child tells you their teacher doesn’t like black people? Terry Williams and Komeasha Littleton’s 10 year-old son came home from school one day and told his parents his substitute teacher was mean and she told the class she did not like black people. You’re hoping he misunderstood something she said, so you go to the school to talk to the principal only to find out other students shared the experience.

“She immediately came in and started targeting certain kids,” Williams said. The students had recently read “I Have a Dream” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., which is ironic given Dr. King’s message and what he stood for when he delivered the iconic speech.

The substitute teacher has been identified and fired from the West Des Moines Community Schools district. Clive Learning Academy parents, where the incident occurred, do not blame the school and understand the “substitute teacher brought her hatred into that school.”


West Des Moines Community Schools release a statement saying:

“The Clive Learning Academy and our district support, nurture, and accept every child who walks through our doors. We expect anyone who wishes to work in our schools — even on a temporary basis — to uphold our policies and value each child. While we cannot go into detail about personnel matters, we can say that the substitute teacher will no longer be called to work in our schools.”


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