INSPIRING: Homeless Sisters Lace Up And Set Their Sights On Olympic Gold!


The Sheppard sisters have become running sensations, and all this because a baby sitter signed them up for a track meet, trying to find after school activities that did not require fees.

The sisters half brother was fatally shot and their family fell on hard times, eviction came and they ended up in a homeless shelter in Brooklyn, where they have lived in a tiny space since September of 2015.

But the girls work hard, they keep busy at home by cleaning a lot and making the best and since excelling at running are working hard on bigger dreams.

Source: GoFundMe

Jean Bell, founder and coach of the Brooklyn-based Jeuness Track Club, runs a place mostly on volunteers with a push for mutual respect and encouragement.


“We want them to run through the high school years and perhaps get an athletic scholarship so that their dream of going to college can be fulfilled,” Bell said.

And to boot, they have been named Sport’s Illustrated Kids’ SportsKids of the Year.

Tonia Hardy, their mother, said:

“That’s what this track team has done for them: give them hope,”

You can help these hard working girls by donating to their GoFundMe to help them buy uniforms, pay club fees and travel expenses.


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