Is The Illegal Harvesting of Black People’s Organs Going Unnoticed?


Illegal organ harvesting is big business, people are taken, their organs and body parts stolen for rich people who require them for themselves, relatives or friends. So one life lost and another possibly saved.

There has long been a belief that black Americans are being picked off one by one to take the organs and then stage the death as an accident or a suicide.

Affinity laid out just a few of the deaths that have had suspicious circumstances and alleged organ theft. These include:

Jason Smith

14-year-old Jason Smith was found dead in a lake on June 6, 2011, and his death was ruled a drowning accident by the coroner’s reports in Eros, Louisana despite his all of his vital organs missing from his body. Smith’s family is suspicious that this case was covered up because they believe that one of Smith’s murderers is the son of an FBI agent. A petition was called for a further investigation into Smith’s death, but it struggled to gain a few hundred signatures.

Vance Anderson

51-year-old painter Vance Anderson died from a lung condition in 2012 and was sent to a funeral home missing his eyes, brain, heart and pancreas. The autopsy permission form requires consent for Thomas Jefferson Univesity Hospital to “retain tissue for medical research”, however, Vance Anderson’s mother Pastor Mary Anderson says she has no recollection of consenting to the “desecrating” of her son’s body. Mary Anderson was last reported to be suing Thomas Jefferson University Hospital for stealing her son’s organs as she stated to local Philadelphia news station WTXF “Ain’t no way in the world, if they explained to me they’re going to take my son and experiment with him and throw his organs in the trash, that I would’ve consented to that.”

Kendrick Johnson

In Savannah, Georgia 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson’s body was uncovered January 11, 2013, inside of a rolled up wrestling mat. Johnson’s family discovered him to be missing his organs although the South Georgia Lowndes County Sheriff’s investigation ruled Johnson’s death a freak accident. Subsequently, Johnson’s parents contacted Dr. William R. Anderson to perform a second exhumation of the body, and the pathologist revealed that there had been intentional trauma placed on Johnson’s carotid artery that seemed far distant from the signs of a freak accident. Dr. Anderson also discovered that the cavities where Johnson’s internal organs had previously been were stuffed with newspaper. Lowndes County Coroner Bill Watson said that the organs of Johnson were rapidly decomposing and had to be disposed of immediately, but expert embalmers have since denied that newspaper is an acceptable filler for empty space in body cavities.

Ryan Singleton

Married gay model Ryan Singleton was on a trip from Atlanta to Los Angeles when his car broke down on July 9, 2013, in a California valley desert. Singleton was nowhere to be found once the friend that he called for help arrived. The San Bernadino County Coroner’s Office reported that ‘Animals might have been involved’. However, when Singleton’s body was found his eyes, heart, lungs, and liver were all gone sparking the question of whether or not animals were sufficient enough to rule out foul play in Singleton’s death among Singleton’s mother and his partner Kithe Brewster.

Source: Affinity

And these are just the deaths we managed to hear about in the media, or where the missing organs were noticed. The amount of missing children, including large amount of black teen girls in DC, is obviously adding fuel to the idea.

It’s understandable that people feel that organs are being stolen for such uses but as to now no solid evidence has come to light, I am not saying it isn’t happening at all BUT the odds are probably stacked against it when it absolutely IS happening in other countries.


I want to publish an interesting comment that was posted to our facebook page regarding the reporting of Jason Smith’s death.

Cheri Thomas wrote (view comment on facebook and all the replies):

Sigh…I can tell you how…but my guess is no one will want to believe someone who has been trained on a body farm, assisted on autopsies, degreed in Physiology, and knows that real organ trafficking is a WHOLE other entity than body part hustling…but here goes…for the umpteenth time….

AUTOLYSIS – when you die – your body eats itself. Welp – gasses and enzymes but Imma keep this super simple. Within 48 hours in a COLD climate – your innards turn to ooze. In a WARM or WET environment…it can happen in 12hours. I wont even start on body bloat. Hours 1-3 will show major deterioration…and is why bodies are CHILLED…to SLOW decomp. Found bodies – in nature that havent been nibbled on my animals STILL will be organ free.

Was there trauma to his body – was there foul play – who knows. But on this VERY SPECIFIC topic of somebody “stealing organs” – nah. So lets discuss REAL organ hustling….and the sheer implausibility of this OUTSIDE Of a hospital. You HAVE to have an EXACT match – and transplant said organ within an Hour…this aint changing a tire people. So let’s say you snatch theorgans and funnel these SUPER DELICATE items to a recipient in some underground STERILE environment. This place would have to have complete monitoring equipment, lighting & supplies plus a WHOLE surgical & recovery team AND CUSTOM Rx anti rejection drugs for the patient! Yeah – this aint happening in somebody basement or abandoned bldg. You cant buy the used surgical equipment from Goodwill ijs.

What DOES happen is this – folks who cant buy their way up the transplant list here, go OVERSEAS….where they DO in fact kidnap folks for their organs to meet the demands of USA & 1st world customers. Many offer up their organs– not in charity but cuz they are in poverty. And yes – there is a fear that you can be targeted in the hospital. They distrust clinics like we distrust the police. No denying that.

Also – medical schools and research facilities need muscles, tissues & in tact body parts with skin – which is technically an organ too. And yes there is a body part hustle racket. Its so deep – that during my yearly interview with the FBI to keep my DEA license – they ask me about certain factions, my relationship with them & to keep them on the radar should I get wind of anything “suspicious”…ie a sudden influx of torsos & lower extremities unaccounted for. Plenty articles on cremations that didnt happen cuz they sold the bodies to BPH – body part hustlers.

So – yeah lets stop blurring lines. Has modern medicine been jerks to us ? Yaaaassss! Has modern medicine been weaponized against us at times – Yup. Is healthcare the biggest gangsta racket ever – Mos def. Its plenty of actual factuals in this game. No need to stoke that fire with disinformation.

Honestly, I have always been on the “it’s possible but I am not sure” side of this idea but Cheri’s comment makes a lot of sense on a lot of levels. Maybe calling out organ theft at every stage with conspiracy and no facts is taking away from the straight up fact that people are going missing and being murdered but maybe there is more to it.

Personally, I am swaying Cheri’s way.

What do you think?


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