If You Don’t Like It, Don’t LISTEN To It (Message To The Hip Hop Haters)


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“My Momma always tells me to respect my elders, but with this lady it’s hard. To me, no matter how old you are, you have to show respect to get it.”

Aaliyah Anderson on Mrs. Connor, from the forthcoming Young Adult novel “The Diary Of Aaliyah Anderson”

The internet is a beautiful but often dark and negative place. It’s given a way for intelligent, innovative, ambitious individuals to blaze their way to success. The internet has also given a place to talk productively with people that share your beliefs and ideologies. However, this virtual world No Flex Zonehas given a way for leeches and immature haters to unleash their negativity and venom on things they personally don’t like or find appealing. The fans of the particular thing that they’re bashing, in sheer offensiveness, will spark arguments with these trolls. Drama then unfolds in the form of repetitive, back and forth comments.

We see empty, baseless threats and racial epithets being spewed at every turn. Folks boast about how many guns they, in fact, don’t have and the weakest individuals all of a sudden turn into super thugs with numerous murdered bodies to their name. We all know there’s a tremendous amount of fakery on the internet but it’s rather easy to navigate around. You can block many of these accounts and they quickly become a distant memory. However, my problem isn’t with these no life internet trolls.
I have an issue with the holier-than-thou critics who have everything negative to say about a topic. These folks came out on Wednesday before, during and after Black-ish and they’re constantly seen on Youtube videos of new generation music artists. Their comments range from “This is trash” to “Eighties and Nineties music was way better than this”! These were the same folks that were turning up to acts like the 2 Live Crew back in the day. Many of the people criticizing hip-hop now are the same people that protested when the concept of censoring music came into play with N.W.A and several other west coast artists. Isn’t it funny how life works?

I hold the theory that the nineties was the pinnacle of black culture. From music to fashion and T.V., black culture in the 1990’s was something admirable.  However, older heads from previous generations looked down at some of
the topics that were included in the songs of that decade, seeing it as the glorification of violence and life in the hood. In actuality, those “gangster rap” songs were personal narratives of life living in impoverished neighborhoods where life expectancy is low and you have to rob and kill to survive. It’s not the most glamorous thing to talk about but these places exist.

It’s an honest shame that the s92d85fb29d726fc3c5369f713ef9e7cd.500x500x1ame group of people that went through this indoctrination over twenty years ago would even look down or frown upon the youth of this generation. Yes, the rap game is in a bad state and has been since the early 2000’s. Is it necessary to go on every song video and boast about how you lived in the 90’s and how you feel sorry for kids that live in this generation though?


Let me make this clear and plain: if you don’t like the music that the younger generation is listening to, just don’t listen to it! Turn the station when you hear Lifestyle by Rich Gang come on, scroll pass Bobby Shmurda and the Nae Nae dance on Youtube and load your phone up with the music that you enjoy. Don’t try to save and “enlighten” folks that only want to turn up and don’t want your help or critiques. Let young people live!

Trust me, the focus of my generation won’t be on partying and smoking in a few years. By age 30, life will hit. When bills become overdue and cars are repossessed, dancing and rapping will be the furthest thing from our collective mindset. The young people, like me, that understand this concept will be successful and prosperous. We are your next leaders, politicians, doctors and lawyers. The folks that focused on partying and not on “turning up” their finances will fall by the wayside, no matter what you say or do. All the internet comments in the world won’t change that. I wish folks would understand this!


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