Idris Elba is an exceptional actor and it seems like an exceptional man charming both on and off screen, committed to helping various charity works, outspoken and a vocal on what it is to be a black man.

He got his start in America as many young black actors do, playing a drug dealer, he was Stringer Bell in The Wire. BUT he did it with such heart that it was clear he was a star from day one.

Years have passed since that and Idris has carved a formidable career on both sides of the pond. His beloved turn as far from perfect detective Luther in the UK series of the same name proved him as an antihero that was so not because he was black or white but because he was a well rounded character played by an awesome actor.

And in Hollywood he has managed to mix up roles. Sure at times his blackness has been a reason he has been picked for a role, such as when he played the fictional child soldier Commandment Abraham Attah in Beasts of No Nation and when he had his turn as Mandela. BUT he has shinned bright in the Thor and carried a strong role in Star Trek and Pacific Rim.

BUT NOW HE FINALLY HAS A LEAD! A character that many would have imagined going to a white dude BUT it doesn’t matter and I am glad Hollywood cast him in the big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower.

Idris is the Gun Slinger, opposite Matthew Mcconaughey’s villain, the devil-like Man In Black.

The trailer looks epic and I am going to run to the cinema to watch this one!

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