60 year old Michelle Carter lost her legs when se fell onto subway tracks in 2005 and she recently went viral after a video of her smoking marijuana on a New York Subway train went viral.

In the video she was being verbally attacked and laughed at by passengers for smoking on the train but many have commented that it was fair as she clearly has some mental issues.

But Carter was once a millionaire.

She had won a $4 million settlement with the Transit Authority and now her lawyer says she has lost the money.

Apparently she gave some away but was also robbed of a large amount that was allegedly stolen from her in 2015.

She is suing JP Morgan as the they are accused of cashing the $886,339.96 settlement check that was stolen from her in 2015 without asking any questions.

Carter’s attorney Robert Unger stated.

“I was shocked that they cashed that check without any due diligence,… Many times I have written out settlement checks for $10,000 or so, and the banks wouldn’t cash them without checking everything out.”

The viral video is below:

Only in New York City ??????????????

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