High School Junior Accepted into 33 Colleges Including All 8 Ivy League Colleges


When I hear about 17 year-old Jahmir Smith I immediately think of the word humble. Jahmir was accepted to 33 colleges including all 8 Ivy League colleges and he’s only a junior in high school.

“I mean my mom tells me how rare it is, but I mean, it’s whatever to me,” Smith said of the Ivy League offers. “I mean I know it’s a big deal, but I don’t brag about it.

“I feel like I still got more to do.”

The humility in his statement is surprising for a 17 year-old but it obvious his mother instilled the importance of hard work in her intelligent and talented son.

Even if Jahmir isn’t doing back flips his mother, Monique McLean, is jumping for joy. McLean, a nurse at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, received news about his into the first Ivy League university on her way to work, Jahmir called her to share the exciting news.


“I almost wrecked my truck, I was that excited,” McLean said.

Not only is Jahmir an honor student at Lee County High School in Sanford, North Carolina, with a 4.43 GPA, he’s great athlete as well, excelling in football. His grand athletic ability landed him in the record books of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association.

McLean is beyond proud of her son and is comparing him to Myron Rolle, the former NFL football player that recently graduated from Medical School.

Jahmir clearly has a bright future ahead of him, anxiously waiting for the day we can call him Dr. Smith!





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