For most women, a bad hair day equals a bad day and that is why an average woman spends approximately $50, 000 on her hair over her lifetime.

But what of those women who have disabilities or are recovering from illnesses and accidents?

Thanks to Antonia Opiah, from Brooklyn, NYC, these women also are now able to get the services of a specialized stylist through house calls.

Antonia, an entrepreneur, together with the help of her sister Abigael, a NYC based PR strategist, launched Yeluchi by Un-Ruly, the very first mobile salon for the black women in NYC.

What led them them to come up with the idea was that both of them disliked the fact that they had to drive to hair salons and wait for their hair to be done, and with a little research, they discovered that there was no one providing that service in that marketplace thus decided to do it.

Some of the styles that their mobile salon specializes in includes braided styles, box braids, twists, flat twists, corn rows, and weave installations.

Abigael, Opiah’s sister, is a NYC based PR strategist and her clients include some of the biggest companies like Rémy Cointreau USA, Pantene Pro-V, and Dewar’s Scotch. Together, they are able to fund their business themselves and are hoping to become familiar with their customer base.

To ensure that they provide high-quality salon services that will lead to their growth, they are hiring only the best stylists.




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