Some of you may or may not know Goalden Chyld but his a rapper/ activist. I don’t know if he considers himself an activist but the messages he delivers in his raps are so powerful. He is a black man on mission to get us to see the light through lyrics. Talking about what we’re doing wrong and how we can do better. Promotion unity amongst black people so we can save our own communities and stop looking for some great white savior to come in and save the day.

G.C. dropped some bars that are going viral:

“I ain’t with the beggin’ we can do it on own, it’s a lot of black people getting paid. Talkin’ about the sh*t we ain’t got and the sh*t we need but we spend our money with white people every day. And until we get our own yea I understand we gon have to deal with ‘em cool, cool I understand…black people that’ll buy white all year, and never even think to buy black for one day…look we are not our grandparents, sh*t you use to get away with we will not tolerate!”


He was dropping a lot of knowledge. We have to support each other and that will put us in a position to build up our communities and create more opportunity. It won’t be easy but nothing in life that’s worth having is.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBsAaS4BwrI]


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