Is there anything that the Smith Family believes is impossible to do? Apparently not.

Will Smith has been so upset with the things that have been happening that he is having trouble sleeping. But rather than sitting around complaining like the average American does, he is considering making a decision to do something about it. If he can go from rapper to a 2 time Oscar-Nominated Actor, surely Smith can go straight to the White House right? Well whither we believe its possible or not, he believe he can.

While promoting his new movie “Concussion,” Will Smith told a Hollywood reporter, “I’m working really hard and my storytelling is elevating, my ability to be eloquent with my body and with my voice and to deliver ideas as an actor is elevating. And, you know, as I look at the political landscape, I think that there might be a future out there for me. They might need me out there. This is the first year that I’ve been incensed to a level that I can’t sleep, you know?”

In 2012 the Smith Family got a big whiff of the political environment when they hosted a Fundraiser for President Barak Obama’s re-election campaign. One can assume that with this experience Smith has the confidence that he has what it takes to generate funds for his own campaign.
History has shown that a career change is no tall task for Will Smith, in fact it’s a challenge that he embraces. Will Smith said, “I’m a climber, so if I see a mountain, I have to climb it,” he said. “I’m not a camper. I don’t like hanging in one place too long. So I think, at this point, I’m elevating my ability to be useful in the world.”


I for one hope that he decides to pursue a career in politics. Hey, if Arnold Schwarzenegger can do it, it should be a layup for Will Smith.

Sources: Access Hollywood, and CBS News


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