Former KKK Killer of 4 Black Girls in 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing Denied Parole


Alabama’s parole board decided against the former KKK member who was found guilty of killing 4 young black girls in a hate bombing at a church over fifty years ago.

In the decision Thomas Blanton Jr., 76, was denied parole.

As the last surviving member of this particular Klan group who carried out the murders, the KKK killer was convicted of bombing a Baptist Church in Alabama on Sept. 15, 1963.

In 2001, he was convicted and punished to life in prison for being involved with planting a dynamite bomb.

The blast killed Denise McNair, Cynthia Morris, Carole Robertson, and Mae Collins, ages eleven to fourteen.

The four girls, who mwere in the church preparing for the service, died instantly due to the explosion.

Their deaths became a worldwide symbol of the racial hatred that segregated the South.

While no one attended to speak on the behalf of Blanton, as he also was not present during the hearing. The four victims’ relatives were present as the room was against Blanton’s parole.

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  1. Is there any proofreading in these stories??? Syntax problems, letters in the wrong place…. hard to take this medium seriously with all of the errors

  2. All the spelling and syntax errors in this article dishonors the victims described in the article because it shows a lack of effort and professionalism by the author… It also makes the name “urban intellectuals” seem ironic.

  3. And after 4 killings of beautiful innocent lifes all thoses years ago in the early 60’s it’s only in 2003 he gets convicted??? A known racist… He should of been on death row and been excuted YEARS AGO infact the whole saga is a insult to the victims and their family’s smh to the rest of the world American law and the corrupt system its a joke, an utter disgrace just like that puppet in the white house right now, disgusting

    • He should never get out. He will always be a threat to society. Jail has not changed his perception and hate. He’s probably waiting to get out to finish his sworn duties to the klan.

  4. He should. Die in. Prison. I. Hate our taxpayers got to pay.his room. An board until he would have been cheaper to put him. On death row

  5. He will meet his maker on judgment day. I continue to teach the young about the 4 innocent beautiful young children. I want all generations to learn about their tragedy and see this judicial system for what it is. Long live the beauty of those 4 Angels who returned to God so we shall overcome.
    Please see the Angels as instruments of God.
    Resting in peace

  6. Justice was sure as hell not swift,and the fact that this animal still breathes disturbs me let the punishment fit the crime I see justice is still blindfolded!

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