‘F#%K That Guy’: NFL Executives Admit They Hate Colin Kaepernick, But Why Don’t They Hate What Is Happening to American Citizens?


It is very clear that all the executive has a very negative attitude towards the quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his protest.

However, inquiring minds want to know why these executives and many of the American population are focusing their anger, hate and focus on Kaepernick and not the injustices happening all over this country at the hands of the police, justice system and politicians?

This comes after his last week protest on the national anthem, but clearly has a deeper connection to something else.

Due to this, most of the executives now believe that his future is at a stake.

Since the last week’s incident, there have been a lot of reactions from both the officials and some of the NFL players.

For example, “he has no respect for our country”, “He is the most hated player in the NFL league and much more. Despite all these reactions and negative attitudes from the NFL executives and players, Colin Kaepernick, he has insisted that he won’t stand up during the national anthem, although he has changed positions and is taking a knee.

What are the coaches reactions to Colin Kaepernick?

From the latest NFL on Kaepernick, most coaches have shown a negative attitude towards the quarterback.

For example, “ I don’t want him anywhere close to my team, he is a traitor. This is one of the reactions of the front office executive when asked about the quarterback.

The interview with the other seven team executives also had the same opinion about the player.



Again, we feel this is misplaced anger on the part of the NFL’s executives and many in the American population. The frustration should be directed at the system that are oppressing their people.

Wonder if the system were killing, jailing and oppressing White women would anger be placed on the protesters or the system?





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6 thoughts on “‘F#%K That Guy’: NFL Executives Admit They Hate Colin Kaepernick, But Why Don’t They Hate What Is Happening to American Citizens?”

  1. Dispite the NFL position. I am more concerned whether the players will stand behind there brother. If all the so called Africa American players stay silent in the wake of this injustic they are bestowing towards there brother . Who is asking for justice for a people who can not seem to get any . They are the true sellout to there people! Lets see what the masses say and do?

    1. Terry Dorsett

      You hit it on the head, the NFL can blackball one person but not every black player as a whole and if there are white players that stand with us why don’t they show their Support. These rich white NFL Owners are like the Rich Republicans they don’t care about what happen to blacks, they only care about their money. Until Black People learn that and start sticking together we will always be oppressed, abused and murdered because there is Racism in everything from Sports to Schools to Politics to Banks to Churches to Families !!!

  2. NFL brotherhood is a brunch of punks. Stand with your brother and kneel. Say fuck the NFL, police and the bump on the trump..

  3. Fuck the NFL and all you redneck patriots! We are boycotting the NFL and the word is spreading like wildfire. You people have no problem with Blacks, who are Amerikkkan citizens being gunned down like dogs in the street! You have a problem with it being mentioned! And fuck that goddamn flag too! 400 years of slavery, degradation, lies, lynchings, miseducation under that fucking flag. How dare you devils think we should honor it! You don’t like Kaepernick because he is speaking out against white terrorism and a worthless government that won’t even protect its own citizens! Your afraid that Colin will stir up the slave on the football plantation! Your afraid of the truth concerning white terrorism and crimes against Blacks/Moors worldwide! Your white guilt is draped in hate for the truth!

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