First Black Woman Wins ‘MasterChef’ But We Didn’t Need This Validation To Know How Amazing Black People Can Cook!


Let’s face it, there is a bit of a fad going on in media, in an attempt to ride with the times Black folk are finally gaining accolades publically usually reserved for middle-class White people. Don’t get me wrong, this is awesome and in the bigger sense, it is adding to the greater good… BUT let’s not forget, we as a community do not need this validation, do we?

Ok, let’s switch to the positive now. Dorian Hunter is the Season 10 Winner of Masterchef AND the First Black Woman to win. She has won $250k and mentoring from the team. This will be priceless as their business experience on top of their cooking skills would be priceless for anyone who is into the art of cooking and wants to open restaurants, write books and live off the craft.

For this we are excited, Dorian is clearly a master at her craft and we can’t wait to see where she goes with this attention.


You can watch Dorian below on Good Day Atlanta:

Let’s celebrate ALL the Black Master Chefs!!!

While we are talking about the community and cooking let us take a moment just to thank all the great Black people (especially the Moms and Grandmoms) who have been producing amazing food from soul food to modern takes on international cuisine, traditional dishes from Africa and more. Black cooking is one of the real pleasures in our community!


Oh and again, congrats Dorian!


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