Find The Black Owned Banks In The United States

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Black Owned Banks And Credit Unions | 0 comments

We encourage every African American and person who cares about their community to move their money away from the big banks who don’t care and into the hands of the smaller banks and credit unions, the black owned banks and credit unions, who put back into their communities and strengthen small business.

So, below you can find links to posts showing the black owned banks and credit unions in every U.S. state (States are ordered by black population as of 2010 but can reordered and searched using the options above the table).

[table id=1 /]

Regarding the Territories, do you know if there are any Black owned banks in American Samoa, Black owned banks in Guam, Black owned banks in Northern Mariana Islands, Black owned banks in Puerto Rico,Black owned banks in U.S. Virgin Islands? We’ll write lists for these if they exist.

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