Sure, you have to have faith to achieve your goals but the mental strength you gain in an attempt to exercise your faith pales in comparison to the ACTION you must take as a result of your faith. If you’re sitting in your apartment and you have a need that has gone unmet and all you’re doing is praying about it, you’re setting yourself up to lose.

Faith accompanied by ACTION, unrelenting action, are the best companions. It’s not about confidence. It’s not about connections. It’s about knowing where you want to go and being flexible enough to maneuver each obstacle that comes your way. Here are 5 Things You Need To Succeed, aside from faith.

1. You have to have an end result in mind.

couple-prayingTo begin your journey toward your desired lifestyle you’ll have to develop a concept of what your end result will look like. More importantly, you have to develop a concept of what your end result will FEEL like. Although material gains are an added bonus of the achievement of your goals, the real achievement you’re chasing is a FEELING you want to experience. Is it satisfaction? It could be contentment. It could be pride. It could be a feeling of safety or stability. Decide which feeling you want to experience and decide which actions you can take to get there.

The most surprising aspect of this exercise is the fact that you can experience your desired feeling without even achieving your long term goals.

2. You have to show up.

What is faith without movement? You’re not a magician in the sense of creating illusions. Your magic is demonstrated when you have the guts to show up and create what you want.

If you believe you have god on your side then consider that god is using your hands, your mouth, your legs to achieve his will. If you’re not moving them, there is nothing to work with. You have to turn over every stone. You have to knock on every door. You have to try every idea that crosses your mind and show up to receive your dream.


3. You have to do your best.

There are some people who possess a nonchalant attitude about their dreams as though they are entitled to their desired result. Yes, your birthright has determined that you are more than a conqueror, however, you have to actually SHINE your brightest if you want to attract the success you desire. You have to give your absolute best effort if you want long lasting success. Stand apart from those who are simply offering a sub par product or service. They may gain a little, they may even strike gold at some point. Then there are those who have done the absolute best work they can and when their turn in the spotlight arrives they will be more than just a one hit wonder.

4. You have to be willing to lose.

Faith means moving forward when there is no evidence of your success in sight. It is important to have faith yet, it is equally as important to understand the benefit of loss. You never truly lose anything. Things just happen to adjust themselves on their own, all for your benefit. When you truly understand and accept this concept you won’t be afraid of the adjustments that are heading your way. You’ll understand that you need them, that they MUST happen in order for you to break barriers. You will begin to welcome them. You’ll begin to praise them when they happen. You’ll be willing to step aside while everything around you crumbles and a better foundation is built upon what remains.

5. You have to learn how to transform any situation into a benefit.

Since we now understand that there is no such thing as loss, there are only adjustments, we can not train our minds to recognize the benefit of every situation.

So, you made a bad decision and you ended up in jail. How can I benefit from this? I can take this time to study, write books and develop a plan for my future.

So, you lost your job and can’t find another one. How can I benefit from this? I now have the freedom to go after what I really wanted to do with my life.

So, your husband is leaving you? How can I benefit from this? I now have the space to serve my own interests without considering the opinion of anyone else and I am free to create the next chapter of my life just the way I want it to be.



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