DYK Ronald Reagan & Oliver North Used the Iran Contra Scandal to Destroy the Black Community with Crack Cocaine?


Ronald Reagan had a mission to eradicate communism and wasn’t just interested in making sure communists stayed out of the United States. Reagan’s little pet project was trying to eradicate the Cuban-backed Sandinistas in Nicaragua. He did this by backing the rebels, known as the the Contras. He once described them as  “the moral equivalent of our Founding Fathers.”

These rebels were trained and assisted by the CIA and the funding is now widely known to have been funneled through from secret arms deals with Iran, whom at the time was engaging in war with Iraq.

However. Funds were potentially coming from somewhere much closer to home too, well, somewhere in home!

In 1998 Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gary Webb set upon the world his “Dark Alliance” newspaper series. He claimed that the Reagan and Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North of the National Security Council were knowingly supplying drugs, specifically crack cocaine to the notorious predominantly African-American neighborhoods of South Los Angeles. This is the area where crack cocaine use exploded, with ‘Freeway Rick’ Ross at the center of the scandal. Being supplied with cheap cocaine from central America and passing the cash back to the government, in large duffel bags!

The cash was then alleged to have been funnelled back to the Contras to aide their fight against the communist, of course at the expense of the African American community which was all but destroyed by the influx of this drug.


Webb was discredited by about every major news source at the time. He died, apparently of suicide and was pushed ot of journalism.

However, a few years ago more and more witnesses started to speak up, a movie and documentary were produced and it seemed that the story may well have been true all along. To some degree at very least.

Some still feel this is conspiracy theory but with mounting evidence and testimony it seems much further from conspiracy and leaves you wondering just what is happening at the hands of our government in the current time.

This 2014 article from the Huffington Post delved deeper into the details and the trailer for the documentary “Freeway: Crack in the System,” and the movie“Kill The Messenger.” can be seen below.


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  1. Yeah we knew that in the 90s! Fact Dr Francis Cress Welsing, Dr Amos Wilson, Steve Cokely spoke about it often! So 30 years later , why is no one and no group working on rebuilding the community, and ending Gangsta Thug Drill Culture , that promoted that stuff to young minds??

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