Downtown Durham: “Black Lives Don’t Matter and Neither Does Your Vote, Wake Up”


Following the disappointing election, what we feared would happen is indeed happening. Closet racists are now showing their true colors. In Durham, North Carolina local racist showed their excitement for Trump’s win over Clinton by vandalizing public property with racist rhetoric. “Black lives don’t matter and neither does your votes,” was spray painted on two walls within a quarter mile of each other and community members are shocked and upset.

While many Durham residents are surprised, most Americans are not. This is not the first cowardly act of vandalism commented by Trump supporters and unfortunately it won’t be the last.

One of the buildings vandalized is located directly across from a black owned restaurant, JC’s Kitchen that treats all of its customers like family. So imagine the surprise of the owner, Phyllis Terry, when she arrived to open her restaurant and saw the racist rhetoric spray painted on a building across from her business.


Someone spray painted over the sign so that it now reads, “Black lives DO matter” and Durham residents of different races and ethnicities held up signs while standing in front of the graffiti that read, “Black Lives Matter,” “We love you, we see you,” and “End White Silence.”

Many residents were disgusted and disappointed by the act but it seems like this act may have brought members of the community closer together. The graffiti will be removed sometime today.


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