Don Cheadle to Produce and Star in Movie about the First Black Millionaire

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Positivity | 1 comment

Don Cheadle will be producing and starring in a movie about the first black millionaire. He is teaming up with Steven Baigelman to bring Shane White’s Prince of Darkness to the big screen. Cheadle will produce and star in Prince of Darkness and Baigelman will be writing the script for the movie.

Hamilton escaped from Haiti in 1828 and built his fortune in less than a decade as a Wall Street financier. He became known as New York’s only black millionaire.

Although some of us are familiar with Hamilton’s story this gives many of us the opportunity to learn about what brought Hamilton to the United States and how he became known as the Prince of Darkness.

Unfortunately there is no news on a release date for the movie but we look forward to learning more about the rebel known as the Prince of the Darkness.

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  1. Douglas Taylor

    Does “Hamilton” have a full name or did he just go by this single first name or surname???


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