Did You Know the Most Powerful Woman on Wall Street is a Trillion Dollar Black Woman?

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Meet the Trillion Dollar Black Woman of Wall Street

When most people think of Wall Street titans, they think of rich, white men who garner very little interest from our young people. This may be true, but it isn’t completely accurate because swimming with the sharks is a Queen our young people should know about.

Last year, Suzanne Shank became one of, if not the first, black woman to head a publicly traded financial services institution. Shank was promoted to CEO of Siebert Financial Corporation (a broker/deal institutional investment bank founded by Muriel Seibert). A monumental feat indeed, but no where near defines the career and future of this extraordinary woman.

suzanne shankIn addition to holding this post, Shank is also the CEO of Siebert Brandford Shank & Co. LLC. It seems like a lot of work, but Shank splits her time between the two businesses and is doing very well.

As you can imagine, Shank’s resume is power packed, impressive and mind blowing to say the least.

Shank was a Wharton MBA graduate in finance, class of 1987, civil engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology, President, Municipal bond trader, CEO of Siebert Brandford Shank & Co, LLC, the largest minority-owned municipal finance firm in the United States.

Since the start of her firm, they have acted as managing underwriter for municipal bond transactions exceeding a whopping $1.2 trillion dollars and ranks among the top 10 in seven key infrastructure categories for underwriting municipal bonds in the world.

This powerful, black woman is one to remember as her trailblazing ways will continue to inspire, develop, nurture and create more and more great minds in our community.

We have to understand as a community, not everyone is going to fight the same fights…or fight in a manner we think they should. I don’t know how this woman gives back to the community, but that is her business. Here we are highlighting her because we believe her drive, success and background might resonate and encourage some of our young people to get off their backsides and put in work!

Source: BlackEnterprise.com

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  1. LaJuan Faxio

    Cool Dub your negativity is unwarranted and unfounded. You have no idea what this woman has/has not done in the African American community. There is a lot of good that goes unnoticed, that is the way the media would have it, magnify the negative, suppress the positive. Congratulations Suzanne Shank!

    • Sandra A. Rose

      Amen…. He should read the Laundry list of all that Shank is involved with. And he needs to know that HE has NEVER HEARD Of HER. ..because sometines God keep Esthers covered until. Black women tend to only IN THE NEWS or popular due to negative sterotypes…taking of their clothes, acting crazy in Walmarts, with Cops,Welfare Fraud in Hollywood..etc.

      The rest if us Sacrifice and Help OTHERS ALL OUR lives…Under THE Radar of Hater Commentators …and Naysayers, lol…

      SAY HER NAME….
      SUSAN SHANK…its her time now!!!

      • Cool Dub

        That’s what I’m saying..I don’t SEE a list..seeing IS believing and Knowing..hiding to me is lying..simple..Like the Missouri state motto..SHOW me!!

        • Sandra A. Rose

          All you have to do is google…dahhhh…and obviously she has proven to her peers and clients …so to show YOU…? Tell us…please what documentation do you have of helping others in your communuty…SHOW US….?

          • Cool Dub

            I’m not rich…But Google me…did you try?

        • Vna Holmes

          How are u for this lady to prove anything..some of us black folks thinks other blacks owe them…Really…how about u get off your ass and fo for yourself

  2. Cool Dub

    Not so..If you have that much it shouldn’t matter what the media says..and your contributions would be recognized by your people and peers..why publicize what you are making and NOT what you are doing to help..It just seems ass backward..Sort of like Bragging..

  3. Edgar Chisholm

    ccording to Spelman.edu…
    “Shank is deeply committed to causes promoting mentorship of inner city youth, having formed and supported various mentorship programs across the country. She is active in numerous industry and civic organizations and serves on several boards including the Citizens Budget Commission, Women in Public Finance, Detroit Institute of Arts and Detroit Regional Chambers, among others.
    Thoughts on why she chose to serve on the Spelman College Board of Trustees: I chose to serve on the Board because of Spelman’s rich tradition of providing access to a superior education and advancement opportunities for African-American women. Also, my mother and heroine, who is a Spelman alum, attributes her success to the wonderful education she received while there.”
    Note: I c&p this from the comment above.

    • Dr. Dorrett Collins Johnson

      Moments of Excellence to this Sister

  4. Cool Dub

    Thanks for your insight..Inquiring mind would like to know..

  5. Cool Dub

    and if you folks could interpret my comment it says that they WOULD blackball her if she did publicize it..but martyrs always do..they are for a cause regardless of what society thinks..I guess she’s not a Dr. King..Ok..My bad..

  6. ARTHUR chu

    There have been several blacks who have done very well on Wall Street she’s not the first but the rising tide of blacks in America lifts all boats it looks like her ship has truly come in congratulations mrs. Shank.


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