Did You Know Detroit Has a National Champion Children’s Chess Team That Does So Much More Than Teach a Game? (VIDEO)


Chess is a wonderful game that teaches children deeper thinking. It encourages planning, anticipation, spacial relationships, and forces the player to analyze their every move…even their opponents response options.

There is little doubt chess is great for the cognitive development of children, which is why it was great to learn about the Detroit City Chess Club. It is a free chess club open to participants in the city of Detroit. Started about 10 years ago, they have been growing ever since.

The DCCC skill levels range from beginner to advance, so everyone is welcome to participate. The beginners focus on teh fundamentals of chess. Thinks like learning how pieces move and the values of each pieces. Intermediate players will learn tactics, combinations and strategies of chess. Beginnners get this information after they have developed.

There are even opportunities to participate in travel tournaments.


It appears the Detroit City Chess Club has formed a partnership with YoungDetroitThinkers.org to grow the organization. The website url of the DCCC is redirected to YDT, so we suspect some sort of merger has happened, but it hasn’t been announced. 

YoungDetroitThinkers.org is an organization that seeks to provide year-round service that enable metro Detroit young to excel academically by developing focus, discipline, creative thinking, special reasoning character and strategic planning through education, arts, language, fitness and leadership programs and through the game of chess. The rationale for Young Detroit Thinkers is to create future societal leaders. – From their About Us page

Here is a video about the Detroit City Chess Club as provided by the YoungDetroitThinkers.org:


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