Detroit Woman Makes Coats That Double As Sleeping Bags For The Homeless

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Homelessness and unemployment are both extremely difficult for anyone to face. Even when our country is a first world nation, there are a lot of people still living in poverty and on the street.

To be more specific, the National Alliance to End Homelessness in America reported that nearly half a million people were homeless in 2015. Compared to last year, homelessness has decreased in the states, but it’s still a very prevalent issue.

It’s safe to say that part of that number decreasing is thanks to The Empowerment Plan.

Business entrepreneur, Veronika Scott, was motivated to do something about homelessness when taking a class that pushed her to help out in her community in Detroit.

After spending a lot of her time at community centers, Scott realized that people in shelters wanted a chance at a job rather than materialistic objects. With the support of donations, she started The Empowerment Plan.

Since the birth of this awesome organization, superwoman Scott and her team have not only been able to give items to the homeless, but also support homeless women in getting a job.

Being based in Detroit, Scott knows that winters can get super rough. So she decided to employ former homeless women who hand-make and distribute coats to the Detroit area homeless community.


Now these aren’t your typical kind of coats. These coats can also turn into sleeping bags.

During the day it can be worn to keep warm and at night, for those who don’t have any place to sleep in warmth, the coat opens up into a snuggly sleeping bag.

(via The Empowerment Plan)
Scott and her seamstresses have changed the lives of hundreds of women. By giving to the community with her handmade coats, The Empowerment Plan has motivated homeless women to get back on their feet and back into the professional world.

If you’d like to be a superhero and take part and support these women with this cause, feel free to go to the website here where you can donate to fund for materials used to help these women!

Learn more about Scott’s incredible initiative from this video:

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