Delay in Grand Jury Decision to Indict Darren Wilson for Killing of Michael Brown


Surprise, surprise, the Grand Jury delays their decision to indict Darren Wilson or not. It has long been suspected this case would be drug out as long as possible as the will and attention span of the black community is tested.

According to reports by the, the grand jury now has until January 7th, 2015 to make a decision regarding Darren Wilson. They are debating should the Ferguson Police officer be brought up on criminal charges. He shot the unarmed, black teen, Michael Brown on August 9th.

The grand jury’s decision was extended another 60 days by Judge Carolyn Whittington, St. Louis County Circuit Judge.


The grand jury is 12 people selected from the standard jury pool to meet in secret, usually weekly, to hear evidence and decide whether criminal charges are warranted. It takes nine votes to issue an indictment, which sends a defendant to a public trial.


St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert P. McCulloch can bypass a grand jury and take a case to trial by filing a complaint that goes first to a preliminary hearing, a public proceeding in which a judge decides if there should be a trial. Often, his office files a charge first and then obtains an indictment to replace it, avoiding the preliminary hearing.

McCulloch chose to take the full investigation of Wilson’s use of deadly force to the grand jury. He announced weeks ago that he would present all the evidence gathered, leaving to grand jurors the decision of what to do.

What do you think about this decision to delay the Grand Jury’s decision to indict or not?


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