When you lie to your government it is a crime, but when your government lies to you it’s politics. This is an old saying, but one that rings true in light of recent discovery of emails between then President of the United States George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

As you will find if you read declassified documents by the US Government, they have been consistently lying to us about a multitude of things in their RECENT past. This time it was the narrative behind the Iraq war. Apparently, Bush and Blair planned this war at least a year before it started.

war criminalThe Iraq war cost over 4,000 Americans their lives, 200,000 Iraqis their lives and over 2 trillion dollars in tax payer dollars to pay for it…..and still counting.

From TheFreeThoughtProject.com: The emails were received by Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state and were subsequently stored on her private email server. The documents on Clinton’s server have been released due to rulings from U.S. courts.

One email from then-Secretary of State Colin Powell to former President George W. Bush, details an upcoming meeting between the President and British Prime Minister Tony Blair which was to take place from April 5-7th, in 2002. This meeting became known as the Crawford summit and was widely speculated to have been used to discuss the invasion of Iraq. The release of these emails shows that this was, in fact, the case.

Secretary Powell Writes:

Blair continues to stand by you and the U.S. as we move forward on the war on terrorism and on Iraq. He will present to you the strategic, tactical and public affairs lines that he believes will strengthen global support for our common cause

A second memo which was drafted by the U.S. embassy in London, reveals how the Bush administration used ‘spies’ in the British Labor Party to help shape British public opinion in favor of the war.

PM Tony Blair has made publicly clear his commitment to a more proactive Iraq policy. Reflecting the polled sentiments of voters, however, a sizable number of his labor party MP’s remains at present opposed to military action against Iraq. A majority indicate they would change their minds if they had proof of Iraqi involvement in September 11 or another terrorist atrocity. Some would favor shifting from a policy of  containment of Iraq if they had recent (and publicly usable) proof that Iraq is WMD/missiles or that Iraq’s WMD status has changed for the worse.

I don’t know which is worse. The fact that POTUS Bush drug us into a war most people knew was unnecessary or that POTUS Obama will not press charges against this liar to uphold the “image” of the United States around the world.

…..as if the world is stupid and don’t see this country for what it is.

Sound off: What are your thoughts? Should Bush be charged with war crimes? Will he be charged?

Read more on the story here: TheFreeThoughtProject.com 

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