Cyberbullying Lawsuit For Snoop Dogg Over His ‘Antuncle’ Instagram Post


It’s all fun and games until someone files a lawsuit. This could be the official motto of America, one of the most litigious countries on the planet.

Snoop Dogg is finding this out first hand as a lawsuit has been filed against him for his jokes on Instagram, the popular social media platform centered around pictures.

antuncleThe rapper is now being sued by a young man who caught the wrath of the Internet after Snoop Dogg posted and made fun of his pictures.

Many people joined into Instagram discussion to make fun of the young man. We are sure this only added fuel the fire to sue Snoop.

via TMZ:


Cortez Booze tells TMZ … 5 days ago the rapper posted a pic of him on Instagram with the caption, “Whose auntcle is this?” The pic triggered a torrent of hate … people calling him f*****, shemale, confused, ugly, punk and a host of other slurs.

Cortez went to the folks at Instagram and reported the pic as inappropriate, but it’s still up.

So now he’s pulling out the gunz … the legal variety. Cortez has hired a lawyer and plans to duke it out with the Dogg in court.

People all around social media think it is all fun and games on the Internet, but cyberbullying is something real out here for millions of people. And you have to be smart these days to realize parents, the legal system and politicians are banning together against this sort of behavior.

We are not sure if the young man has a case or not, but we know you better talk to your kids about their behavior on social media before something like this lands on your front doorstep.

Do you think the young man has a case or not?


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