Criminalize Black Americans: How Did this Mother get Arrested for Homeschooling her Children? (Video)


Kiarre Harris is a self-employed mother of 2 dedicated to betterment of her children. She felt like Buffalo, NY public school system was failing her children so she made a conscious decision to homeschool them. She did her research and filed the proper paperwork required by New York State law to start homeschool your children. Along with written acknowledgement of receipt from the school district she talked to the district’s homeschool coordinator to make sure everything was squared away. After confirming that her children had been successfully withdrawn from school she began the homeschooling her little ones.
After a week of homeschooling she received a call from child protective services asking her why her children were not attending school. She explained everything and offered to show them her paperwork to show she followed the proper protocol before removing them from school. So you can probably imagine how shocked she was several weeks later when she was pulled over by the police, who were demanding to know where her children were. She refused to tell them and was arrested and charged with neglect. Following her arrest her child were taken from her and placed in foster care. She has not seen her children in 3 weeks.
Despite the fact that she followed the proper protocol for homeschooling she was arrested and her children were taken away from her. Harris is seeking help from a lawyer and is accepting donations at



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