Controversy Over Stolen Scene from Viral Video by Hit Show on NBC


The founder of a Detroit training academy for young men whose training videos have been widely circulated internationally and curricula lauded in national media says a popular NBC show used one of his training methods in an episode without permission.

The creator of the popular show “This Is Us” recently admitted to taking a push up scene from a video that went viral. Jason Wilson, CEO of the Detroit based academy, The Cave of Adullam Transformational Academy, shared an emotional part of their initiation ceremony on social media and it went viral. But the show creator never received permission from Wilson to recreate this sacred moment on his show. In the viral video Wilson’s student climbs onto their father’s back and holds on while the father does push-ups.


“They just took a corner of a cake. That’s not even a whole percentage of what we do,” Wilson said in a recent interview with BLAC. “The kids have to go through spiritual and physical training just to get to that place. They didn’t replicate a football game. They replicated something that is sacred and valuable to our community.”

Wilson takes great pride in his work and progress he has made with many of the young men in his program. Eighty percent of his have increased their GPAs and are truly thriving which you can imagine is a great feeling. Wilson is asking NBC to give credit where credit is due.


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