Community Activist Robbed At Gunpoint Literally Hours After TV Interview On Stopping Violence


I just sat down and watched Aleta Clark’s interview with Val from Windy City Live. She talked about the work she does in the inner city and her love for the people in the community. Literally hours after her interview with Val, she was robbed at gunpoint.

Clark sells her “Hugs Not Slugs” t-shirts throughout the neighborhood. She drove to Chatham after her interview to deliver some shirts when she was approached by a man who wanted to buy two shirts. He told her he had to grab his wallet and asked her to meet him around the corner. He pulled up to the rear of her car in a black Impala, she got out and walk to her trunk where her shirts were and asked him if he wanted her old design or the new one. To which he replied, “I want everything you got.”


She told him her money was in the car. He walked behind her with a gun to her back, pushing her toward the front of the car to retrieve the money.

Clarke asked the man if he was going to kill her for her t-shirt money. He said he just wanted the money and laughed at her t-shirts which urge people to “put the guns down.” He got away with $540 of the single moms’ money. Clarke said she was thankful she had some money to give him because things could have turned out differently if she didn’t.




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