Chicago Man Awarded $600,000 After Accidently Being Locked in Jail, But How?


In 2014, Farad Polk went to visit his son at Cook County Jail in Chicago, IL but he never made it to see his son that day. After making it through security the guards directed him to “go down the hallway and turn to the right,” where he walked through an open door that closed behind him. Polk found himself locked inside a room that was used for super-maximum security prisoners.

Polk beat on the door, he screamed, he yelled for help but his calls went unanswered because the room was noise proof and no could hear him. Thirty hours later after Polk broke a water sprinkler in the room and was rescued by the Chicago Fire Department.
The worst part is that after being trapped in the room for 30 hours with no food, no water, and bathroom he was handcuffed and questioned for an hour because they thought he was an inmate attempting to escape.

Polk recently received $600,000 for the emotional trauma he endured.



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