Chicago Denying Blacks Concealed Carry Licenses! Lawsuits Filed

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As it should be, applying for a Concealed Carry License in Chicago is quite a rigorous process. You need to take training, pay a host of fees, get through background checks. The law is solid about who can and can’t own. However, you would expect, that if you pass those criteria you should then be able to get a firearm.

BUT it seems in Chicago that’s not quite how it’s been going down. A special review board has denied over 800 people who passed all tests, checks and paid fees the right for their concealed carry license. The board meets in secret and keeps all records and reasoning secret.

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Many of those denied are said to be African American with absolutely no reason to have been denied. Is it ok to speculate that their color may be part of the board’s reasoning?

Well hopefully details will emerge as 193 people from Illinois have filed a lawsuit against the denials. Many of these 193 are black and hopefully the case will pull out details from the review board and let us know if this is simple a case of messed up records or if there was some “racist” or “discriminative” profiling involved.

One person denied was Michael Thomas, a former Air Force reservist. Thomas has no convictions, carried a weapon during service and passed all test, checks and paid all fees. He is one of the people filing in the suit. The only thing he can tell that may have affected his application is his color!

This issue seems to be a mess. It’s a hard line to draw between whether people should even be allowed to own a gun, but if they should then the notion that color may be involved in their being allowed to do so is obviously racist!

Read more in the Chicago Tribune:

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