Charlamagne Tha God Destroys Jason Whitlock: “You Are A Twisted House Slave!”

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Over the years, many people have criticised Charlamagne Tha God for supposed “coonin’”. I never understood it. When Charlamagne called Iggy Azelia  a “white nubian queen” it was obvious he was being sarcastic. When he goes on about “waffle colored negroes” he’s just continuing a long-running quip that he’s had since The Breakfast Club started. However, when it’s time to get on code and ride for black people he’s on it. Charlamagne rode for Nat Parker’s Birth of a Nation when almost every other black person with a opinion in the corporate media was supporting a boycott. His hot takes about police brutality and racial inequities makes us breathe a sigh of relief. Even in his book he talks about how he was a follower of the five percenter philosophy (hence where he got his name “Charlamagne Tha God” from). But, if you’re still calling Charlamagne a coon after how he roasted, manhandled and destroyed Jason Whitlock during his “Donkey Of The Day” segment on The Breakfast Club this morning, we aren’t listening to your opinion any more!

Here’s a little backstory. Jason Whitlock was a former ESPN writer and personality that hopped over to Fox Sports 1 after being allegedly pushed out of ESPN. Lavar Ball, son of UCLA star and future top 3 NBA draft pick Lonzo Ball,  has made FS1 his home for promotion of his Big Ballers Brand company making many appearances on Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe led debate show Undisputed and the syndicated mid-day sports radio show The Herd with Colin Cowherd. His most recent appearance on Colin Cowherd’s show a couple of days ago caused him the most press of his extended fifteen minutes of fame.

Kristine Leahy is a reporter on Fox Sports 1 that is a correspondent (and sometimes co-host) on The Herd With Colin Cowherd. She went on Colin Cowherd & Jason Whitlock’s evening debate show Speak For Yourself and had a few words about Lavar Ball’s treatment of Lonzo Ball and his brothers.

How rare is it that all three kids want to do the same thing? There being forced to do it. Whenever you ask him [Lonzo] I think he only says five words and he looks terrified when he’s talking. I asked him if he ever had a disagreement with his father and he said no. And everyone at this table knows we at one point or another disagree with your parent unless you’re afraid to disagree with your parent.”

I’m pretty sure Lavar Ball heard about the comments because he came on Colin Cowherd’s show and completely dismissed Leahy’s questions doing his interview and had a mini-spat with her in which he said, “You’re going to get what’s coming to you.” Leahy then questions if that was a threat. Enter Charlamagne Tha God, Black America’s new champion.

He gives Leahy Donkey Of The Day for Thursday morning and compares what she did to the set up for Emmit Till’s murder, aka the racial version of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. Whitlock didn’t like the comments and then proceeded to threaten Charlamagne by saying he was going to be “dealt with” in a pop-up appearance on Cowherd’s show. Whitlock obviously meant a more lengthier reaction to the DOTD segment on his own show. 

And Charlamagne didn’t take that likely. This tweet foreshadowed the roast that was to come this morning.

You never go to war with someone as petty as Charlemagne, a disciple of Wendy Williams. He ripped Jason Whitlock a new one in a cool way. He didn’t even appeared phased by it. I can’t even summarize it in words. You just have to see it for yourself!

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