Today Richard Colllins III, 23, was supposed to graduate from Bowie State University but instead his life was taken by a racist. His family took time to celebrate his loss. Students, family, and faculty gathered at Bowie State University to talk about how great Collins was as person.

He was recently promoted to second lieutenant and was proud of the time he spent in ROTC. His father reminisced about his late son, “He would go out of his way, sometimes to my chagrin, to try to help others. But you want to try to encourage that in your children.”

Only kind words were expressed about Collins III and how caring he was. Following the celebration of his life Bowie State University honored Collins during the graduation ceremony he was supposed to take part in today.

Many are hoping justice is served his attacker (who was intentional unnamed) will rot in jail for taking the life of such an amazing young man.