“Does the Black community really want to solve its problems?”

“We’re not working together enough to really solve the major problems in our community. We continue to wait for people outside our community to solve them, when we have the ability to solve our own problems.”

These are the words of Terrance Amen, founder and CEO of 3ufirst.com who has laid down the Black Economic Challenge asking for donations to organisations with a full solution to the problems in the black community.

They ask for a minimum monthly donation of at least $10 to organisations that include:

  • Minister Farrakhan – https://www.noi.org/
  • Us Lifting Us – http://www.usliftingus.com/
  • Dr. Claud Anderson – http://www.powernomics.com/
  • Terrance Amen – http://3ufirst.com/_index.php

Organisations that they believe offer a full solution.

The math is simple. If you take the ideal $20 monthly benchmark from half of the 50 million African Americans that would add up to $6 billion every year, all going back to directly solve the problems.


Now, of course it takes more than just money. The problems persist because of many reasons and Amen believes that Unity is the key.

“The leaders of the Black church have millions of members, yet have no united economic plan for our community. So the question to ask ourselves is, why aren’t we doing this? For one there aren’t a lot of people thinking like this. Another reason is the Black media doesn’t focus on interviewing and showcasing companies and organizations, who focus on solving the major problems in our community. More importantly, as a community, we aren’t focused on doing this.”

“It takes a village to raise a child, but are we really practicing this? We see every day, the results of not doing this.” He continues, “It’s time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves, am I contributing to solving the major problems in my community or am I just thinking about myself and my family? Trust plays a role as well in why we don’t support each other, but what have we really lost to a company or organization that’s trying to help our community, by donating $10 – $20 a month? You will eventually see if that company or organization is serious about solving the problems in our community.”

Are you in?

Learn more about the challenge and get involved on Facebook here: THE BLACK ECONOMIC CHALLENGE


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